The enchanting sonorities and the density of Philippe Bianconi’s interpretation make his Debussy CD a major addition to the list of great versions of the Preludes. (Le Monde)


Philippe bianconi has achieved recognition as one of France’s most accomplished instrumentalists despite his reluctance to embrace the capital. the interpretation of French music has always been of great importance in his repertoire.


The music of Johannes Brahms requires from its performers a combination of ardour and intimacy, achieved to perfection in this recording of the two piano concertos with the French pianist Philippe Bianconi and the Polish conductor Michał Nesterowicz, directing the Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo. Philippe Bianconi has mastered every expressive register of these two works, from the tragedy that sweeps through op.15 to the lyricism and poetry that emanate from op.83.


Philippe Bianconi offers a lucid, transparent reading, notable for its energy, of these key late works.
Beyond the formidable technical, even experimental challenge they set, the Études – dedicated to Chopin, whom Debussy revered – are revealed under Bianconi’s fingers in all their poetry, rhythm and colour.
The complement to the programme, Debussy’s last two piano pieces, like the suite from Le Martyre de saint Sébastien, show a different facet of his genius, spiritual, austere and poignant.
Philippe Bianconi, Debussy, La Dolce Volta

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DEBUSSY, Clair de Lune
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