"Philippe Bianconi played with immense power" // Bachtrack.com (Sydney)

"Philippe Bianconi played the piano with immense power, and attacked Brahms Concerto No.2 with abandon, almost throwing himsel into it".

 The piano soloist for Brahms Second Piano Concerto was Philippe Bianconi. He is a tall man who towered over this gargantuan solo part. He played the piano with immense power. I have heard few pianists achieve such a powerful tone in the Sydney Opera House. He attacked the concerto with abandon, almost throwing himself into it, launching himself into the virtuosic passages with an apparent fearlessness. There were also some lovely tender moments, most notably in the slow movement, which contains what this evening's program describes as "one of Brahms" most sublime melodies. This is Brahms in his characteristic chamber music mode.

Oliver Brett, Bachtrack.com (Sydney)